24 June 2014

hide files and folder in android phones

hide folder in android phone:
Rename the folder "image" to
".image" just prifix "." (dot) in any
word or folder name
eg: "video" to ".video" , "movies" to
".movies" , "song" to ".songs" etc
how to hide files inside a folder:
there are two ways to hide your files
1. if u hide a folder by renaming it it
will automitically hide all the files
inside the folder in most gallary apps.
2. create a .nomedia file inside the
folder and all the files will be hidden
from all gallery apps. (best methods)
creating .nomedia file you will need a
file manager "ES FILE MANAGER"
1. Launch your file manager app. For
this tutorial I am using ES File
2. Navigate to your folder press enter
and click the
icon in the bottom left. This will
bring up the ''Add'' box. click ''File''.
coz you are creating .nomedia file not
3. just name the file ".nomedia"
and save it

Es explorer from google play