Welcome to Two Wiz!

We are two Wizards, as we would to call ourselves, here in this 21st century global tech space. We like to practice our spell of sorts to stay updated ourselves. It's hard to keep pace. Probably, you too experience the same thing. The site will be dedicated to providing information, tips, apps, etc that has anything to do with technology to keep you relevant.

We hope to share the best information to all our audience out there so that they can benefit from apps or knowledge it may be.

Soon, we will start posting lessons like web designing, software programming or  android development. The best thing is we will be learning at the same time as we post any of the blog post.

We hope in the coming years to come, the time spent here would have become an invaluable tool in learning for us and for you.

Reach out to us for any advice, info, etc at: twowiz.com@gmail.com

Here is to: 'The Best of Times and The Worst of Times.'