25 October 2014

Whatsdog android app

whatsdog is an whatsapp add-on apps (not official)
Just a brief discription:
It monitor on whatsapp user and will notify you as soon as the user you monitor is online on whatsapp
here iam going to show you how to know if someonr has blocked you on whatsapp
first download this whatsdog from:
PlayStore Link
Install it and select or type the whatsapp user number you want to monitor
How to know if someone has blocked you on whatsapp:
you should consider this four simple step
step 1. check if you can see his/her last seen if you cannot see his/her last seen follow step 2, if you see his or his/her last seen than thats good news your are not blocked by him/her.
step 2: check if you can see his /her status if you cannot see his/her. status follow step 3, but if you can see it that again good news.
step 3: send him/her a message if it does not deliver than follow step four final part
if its dilevered well thats good news (excited)
step 4: final step put the number on whatsdog and wait for sometimes like 1 day or week if it doesnt give out any notification. than probably he/she quit using whatsapp or has change her/his number . But if the above steps are positive and if you get notification from whatsdog than its 100% sure that you are blocked by that user.