16 April 2017

How To Mirror Your Android Device To PC/Chrome/VLC for MAC OSX, Windows Linux | No root needed

There are many ways in which you can mirror your android device to your PC in Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. I am listing some methods without the need for rooted android device.

Method One: Using Screen Stream Mirroring App

- Screen Stream Mirroring Free Version : Try this free version first.

Web Browser Method:

1. Open the app and enter the URL link for mirror given in the app on your PC browser. If this doesn't work due to some unknown problem, then try the next one with VLC media player on your PC.

VLC method

1.  On the left menu side bar, select VLC media player / OBS. Enter the address like tcp: on your VLC (Menu>Open Network Stream>Enter the Network URL>Play). See pics below for how to.

Use USB cable to Mirror

1. To use your your usb cable instead of wifi to mirror your android device to chrome/web browser/vlc you will need to download a file from http://mobzapp.com/mirroring/usb-tool-download.html for Windows/MAC OSX/ Linux.

Then extract the compressed file and open the Start.bat file depending on your OS.

Connect your phone to your PC. On Screem Stream Mirroring app, go to settings and check Stream through USB option.

On your phone, allow USB debugging.

You should be done. Just enter the stream URL on your Web Browser or VLC depending on the method you use like the one in method one or two. 

There are other apps that you can try if you feel this one is not for you. There are others available, but some work and some don't. It depends on your device.

I'll post some other apps if I find them and they work.