16 April 2018


Earn ₹75! When you do your first money transfer on #PhonePe. Use my link - https://phon.pe/ru_yursm13oy

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11 April 2018

Earn 10k by just answering a simple quiz. And also earn 50% of your friend earning

Earn by answering simple quiz you also earn 50% by refering

I am playing Qureka to win Rs 1,00,000 this month. You too can win, use my invite code YURS1 to sign up. Click here to install https://goo.gl/YxHck5
Please use my refer code to earn bonus life

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10 April 2018

Earn bitcoin while the price is low.

Now is the best time to earn bitcoins while the price is going down.

Yes! Bitcoin value is reducing rapidly but do you really think bitcoin will drop it's value to zero and become valueless?
What do you think? Will the bitcoin user allow this?

If you don't really trust bitcoin don't invest in them just earn some bitcoins from faucets and wait for its value to rise.

Here is an app where you can earn a lot of bitcoins in a day .

While signing up use my refer code
To get 5% of my daily earning

My refer code: tlm698

Download here android app

Note: use the code tlm698 to increase your daily earning.

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3 April 2018

Mobile legend video contest round 2 april 10 to april 30.

Please share let your friends join too
Win a starlight membership by join the contest

Create mobile legend gameplay, guides, skill guides, and bug, of your own and upload it to google drive and send send us the link here on facebook message or our email "tlmlacorg@gmail.com"
We will than upload your video to our youtube channel.

Rules. (Terms and conditions)

1. Video should be of your own creation, videos  downloaded from youtube.com or any other sources which is not your own will be rejected and prize will not be given out, incase if you send us a video which is a private property of other, we will not hold responsible  for the infringement of such content/ videos.

2. Minimum video quality should be 480p and maximum 720p.

3. 1st, 2nd and 3rd position will be decided on views not likes.

4. All participants should subscribe our youtube channel before joining the contest
  (TL ML)

5. Minimum video length is 1 min and maximum is 10 mins.

6. Upon joining the contest and sending the videos you agree that your video that is send to us does not belong to you but the ownership of the video/content is transferred to  us(Tl ML youtube channel) we will upload the videos to our youtube channel as our videos, you may continue to upload the video you created to any other websites.

7. Videos should be upload and send to us before 25 April 2018. (We will upload your video on 26 - 30 April 2018)

8. Upon send the video you agree that we have full rights on the video you send and  Videos that you have send will be edited by us.

9. We may/will change the T and C of the contest and prize anytime for the next contest but the current/ongoing contest prize will not be changed once the decision is made/ written/ posted.

10.You can  send video from April 2 till April 25 any video that is send to us after April 25 will be rejected for the current ongoing contest and will be allocated as next contest participants.

11. Incase if there are two first prize winners we will extent the contest for 1 more days. Even if after the extension if they still have same likes the prize will be equally distributed among the winner. For second and third will extend until there is only one winner

12. 1 video per contest only videos that is used for participating the contest cannot be used  for participating the next contest.

13. All videos should be uploaded to google drive only and email us your video link to our email (tlmlacorg@gmail.com) with in-game-name  and in-game-id.

14. Your in-game-name  and the heroes/name you use for making video should have the same name or else it be rejected.

The prize for first winner is google gift card worth Rs 800, second and third prize is google gift card worth rs 100.

Watch YouTube video here:


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2 April 2018

Some best crypto currencies faucets

Here are some currently paying faucets legit and not a scam. Click the link below to sign up.

dogecoin 1

Dogecoin 2

Bitcoin 1

Bitcoin 2



Bitcoin cash

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1 April 2018

Slide and earn lockscreen (android app)

Read latest news, trendy and fun stories on the lock screen.

We are partnering with a number of leading brands in the F&B, Travel, Hospitality, Education and Technology space to advertise and with content curators at a local level to publish content on Slide App platform to offer rich and useful content hereby giving you ample opportunity to use the content and earn at the same time.

Here are a few rules of thumb to slide:

- Swipe Right to Unlock, ah! You don’t want to do that now, that’s usual!
- Swipe Left to read up the content that pops up on your screen
and soon you land onto this page that tells you more on your topic of interest!

And last but not the least,

1. Control your Lock screen - Using this feature, you can switch off the lock screen content for a stipulated time period during your meditation hours and switch it back on again when you are ready to earn!
2. Useful lock screen features - You can reach your recently viewed apps directly on our lock screen, without having to unlock and open the app!

Download here (playstore)

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WowApp is a FREE revolutionary platform that allows you to earn as a result of your daily activities. Once you have earned real money with WowApp, the choice is yours: you can either cash out for yourself or choose to do good for others by donating to one of the nearly 2,000 supported charities, in over 110 countries.
Truthful to our mission statement, we ourselves share 70-80% of our net revenues with our members!  We are thus trying to build a more equitable world that would put a stop to the insane income inequality in our world.

Download here

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31 March 2018

Best android app forever earn Rs. 10 per referrals you get as monthly income

Download app here.
Use referral code: Y7Y43E

A Lockscreen App, which offers you the double advantage, EARN + SAVE money!

It offer exclusive deals and best offers on your lock screen. Most of the time we miss great deals and offers, so now there is a app which displays all great deals right on your Lockscreen. You are not even required to open the app to view the offers. HAPPY SAVING!

Now how do you make money? Simple by referring the app to your friends. You get referral money for each active member in your network. Making money up to 2.5 Lakhs every month had never been simpler. HAPPY EARNING!

All your network members also benefit from the same referral program. Your daily income and network members can be seen on the OneAD app. You can redeem the money directly to your bank account.

It works on the simple principle of "Sharing Happiness".

Download app here.

Use referral code to increase your monthly earning: Y7Y43E

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20 April 2017

How To Enable or Add Immersive Mode in Lineage OS 14 or Other Nougat or Android 7 Roms in Notification Tiles | Root Needed | Hide Notification Bar and Navigation Bar

In my Lineage OS 14 official ROM, there is no notification tile for Immersive mode / Expanded desktop to hide the status bar or navigation key bar.

I can go to Settings-Display-Expanded desktop and enable it permanently or choose custom settings for a specific app. But, this is inconvenient.

And check Expanded desktop on the app. Then, in your full notification page (swipe down from status bar twice), select the pen/edit icon.
Go to the bottom and drag Immersive Mode tile from the bottom section to the top section.
Click on the tile and allow Root access. And select the option you want, Only hide status bar, or show status bar, hide all or show all.

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16 April 2017

How To Mirror Your Android Device To PC/Chrome/VLC for MAC OSX, Windows Linux | No root needed

There are many ways in which you can mirror your android device to your PC in Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. I am listing some methods without the need for rooted android device.

Method One: Using Screen Stream Mirroring App

- Screen Stream Mirroring Free Version : Try this free version first.

Web Browser Method:

1. Open the app and enter the URL link for mirror given in the app on your PC browser. If this doesn't work due to some unknown problem, then try the next one with VLC media player on your PC.

VLC method

1.  On the left menu side bar, select VLC media player / OBS. Enter the address like tcp: on your VLC (Menu>Open Network Stream>Enter the Network URL>Play). See pics below for how to.

Use USB cable to Mirror

1. To use your your usb cable instead of wifi to mirror your android device to chrome/web browser/vlc you will need to download a file from http://mobzapp.com/mirroring/usb-tool-download.html for Windows/MAC OSX/ Linux.

Then extract the compressed file and open the Start.bat file depending on your OS.

Connect your phone to your PC. On Screem Stream Mirroring app, go to settings and check Stream through USB option.

On your phone, allow USB debugging.

You should be done. Just enter the stream URL on your Web Browser or VLC depending on the method you use like the one in method one or two. 

There are other apps that you can try if you feel this one is not for you. There are others available, but some work and some don't. It depends on your device.

I'll post some other apps if I find them and they work.

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