25 June 2014

Best Websites ever(Fun)!

  A good website takes time, afford, dedication and skill on a daily basis. Even better it is if it can show you funny and awesome contents. Here below I'm listing some of my favorites. Do enjoy them! 

1. TheChive

A daily dose of funny, breathtaking, surprising and lovely pictures of fun and facts along with beautiful landscapes and surely, beautiful men and women.

2. Uberhumor

Gifs, videos, memes, or even trolls, you can find funny good stuffs here.

3. Funnymama

Fan of anime? Then, that's the place for you. Funny and a bit NSFW, but, funny.

4.  9gag

Most of the funny videos circling the web maybe originated from 9gag. Gag!

5. CollegeHumor

The picture says it all.

That's the list. Try, observe and don't forget, " Everyone's liking is everyone's."