4 April 2017

Redmi Note 3 Antutu Score Test with 2 or 4 or 6 cores on | Hotplugging

Redmi Note 3 with Snapdragon 650 has been a very good device for me. I like that it has a very good battery back up.

But, I want to extend it as much as possible. So, I'm going to try to turn off some cores and try how much it scores in Antutu. For now, I'm going to check how it scores in Antutu. Battery update will come later.

Snapdragon 650 has 2x ARM Cortex A72, and 4x ARM Cortex A53, a total of 6 cores.

Rom I'm using

2. Kernal: Radon V4.3 battery mode
3. Gapps: opengapps pico 

Only keeping the 4 Cortex 53 on may help a lot in battery but reduced performance. I don't mind keeping only 2 Cortex 53 on if it gives me much more battery. Going to test more. But, see the benchmarks for now.

Benchmarks | note: the kernel is on battery mode and not balanced or performance

1. 2 ARM Cortex 53 cores enabled | the rest disabled

With this setup, I got around 10 hours of screen on time with about 16% left.
WiFi on the whole time.
1 and 1/2 hours of calls.
Dual sim: Jio 4g and Vodafone.
YouTube and Chrome mostly used.

Keeping only two cores on, I saw some lag when browsing in chrome. But, usable.

Screenshot of usage history

2. 4 ARM Cortex 53 cores enabled | the rest disabled

3. All cores on :

All cores enabled. Kernel on balanced mode

4. Only 1 ARM Cortex53 on and 2 ARM Cortex 72 on | the rest disabled