27 April 2016

How To Share Slideshow, Photos, Filetransfer(phone to PC and PC to phone), Remoteview, Via Shareit in Android Device

ShareIt version 4.0 or above on PC]

1. Download ShareIt from Google Play Store

2. Download ShareIt(for PC) from

3. Install both ShareIt in your android device as well on your PC

4. You can either start Wifi-hotspot from your Android or PC, no problem

5. Run SHAREit-KCWEB.exe and open ShareIt from your Android

6. From your Android, tap Option(triple Dot on the Left-top corner) depends on your device you used.
> Select "Connnect to PC"
> wait for scanner to detect your PC
> select your PC when detected,
> you can either type the password or get direct scan with the OR code, easy method

7. Then you will be connected with your PC. Now from your android
>Select [Photos], to send your photos (and many more) to your PC
> Select [Files], this includes transfering any files from your SD card or Internal memory
> Select [PPT Control], to share Powerpoint Presentation. For this u need to open any .ppt file from your PC, and use your android as a remote control(prev/next)
> Select [RemoteView], to view your Harddrives(PC), Favorites, Music and Photos
> Select [PlayTo], to view your Photos via PC in Fullscreen Mode
> Select [Backup Photos], This will backup all your Camera Photos to your PC