27 October 2014

Coursera- The free education app. Learn like they do in college

Coursera - The free education app
This app needs special mention. Have you ever wanted to learn a certain topic like music for example, but, stayed away because the content of the courses were bad or worse? It has happened to me too. I took up music theory classes from youtube and then I find that the syllabus isn't covered fully like they do in colleges.
But, this app **Coursera** has changed and introduced a whole new way of learning things. The course content is made by professors from universities around the world divided over a span of 4 weeks to 10 week or more.
You get to learn thoroughly as if you were in a college. In the end you can earn a certificate by completing your week quizzes and assignments. You may have to pay for some courses if you want a certificate of the course. Some are free while some are not. But the videos are completely free.

The app allows you to enter the session you want and download the weekly videos for offline viewing. You may also use the web version of coursera instead for a whole compete package.
Do try it if you want to learn new things!
Here is the playstore link. I won't be posting the apk file. Please use the PlayStore app to keep yourself free from suspicious apps!