29 September 2016

Earn free satoshi (bitcoins)

Most popular faucets earning website you will find on internet

If you don't know bitcoins click here
Satoshi click here
Want to know the value of 1 bitcoins?
(Just Google "1 bitcoin in  inr ")


Here you can earn upto 330 satoshi every hour. if you are lucky you can earn upto 0.33161996 BTC
And you can multiply your  bitcoin by 4,750 times playing provably fair Hi-Lo game. 

Although I don't advice you to play HI -Lo game until your bitcoin reach 0.000100000 or even higher

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Claim 25 faucets every 5min .  You get more if you claim every 5 mins but you can still claim after a few days or a week you still get your satoshi
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same as mooncoins  but pays more when compared to mooncoins.
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Just like mooncoins and fieldcoins you claim after every 5mins but among them this one pays more.

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Now visit those website and start earning  satoshi it be damn slow but still you get paid that's what it counts.

Wait before you start earning you need to get a virtual wallet for storing those satoshi you earn.

Try Xapo and  zebpay (available in play store.)

What is Xapo?

With xapo you will get immediate payment from mooncoin, lootool and fieldcoins

Xapo is the most trusted bitcoin Wallet and Vault. 
Xapo provide the security and convenience that bitcoin holders need to acquire, transact and manage their bitcoins. 
When you create a Xapo account you are given a Wallet and a Vault. Think of the Wallet like a checking account and think of the Vault like a savings account. Your Wallet is designed to hold the funds that you use for day-to-day spending and the Vault is insured and designed to hold the funds that you want to safely store for the future.
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You can recharge or topup with your bitcoins

Zebpay is the world's simplest Bitcoin mobile exchange. You canuse Zebpay to send and receive Bitcoins as easily as instantmessaging. With Zebpay, there is no need to worry about Bitcoinaddresses or wallet backups. You can simply send Bitcoins tocontacts using their mobile number.

To know more about Bitcoins, see a short videotiny.cc/whatisbitcoin

Why Bitcoins?
* Because it's the world's first global currency to help us connectfinancially just like the internet has helped us to connectsocially

Keep in touch I will update more sites